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Reaching Those Whose Need is Greatest

Millions of women, girls and young people across the region are neglected and abandoned by governments and societies. This is particularly the case for those living in poverty or impacted by humanitarian crises, disability, gender-based violence or HIV. The failure of governments to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive care has far-reaching consequences for individual rights, health and well-being, as well as economic development. Our region faces huge discrepancies in rates of modern contraceptive use, with some states having lower levels than the world’s least developed countries. Eastern Europe and Central Asia is also the only region in the world where HIV is on the rise.

IPPF EN’s mission is to ensure that all people, everywhere, have access to high quality care and information. Through our member associations, we support those who are socially excluded and/or have limited access to services, to know and stand up for their rights, to fulfil their aspirations. 

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In humanitarian emergencies, women and girls are often subjected to sexual violence and unwanted pregnancies and are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. Their acute need for care is very often overlooked or denied. More than half of the refugees arriving in Europe are women and children. Our members respond to their needs through ensuring lifesaving care, education and counselling.

Sexual rights are human rights and they belong to us all

Empowering individuals creates positive change throughout entire communities. People should be able to determine how to live their lives without fear of attacks, legal sanctions or stigma. IPPF EN focuses on empowering all young people, including those with disabilities and living in repressive communities, to know their human rights and protect themselves against sexual abuse and violence to lead healthy and dignified lives. 

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